Deal News: Cornwall Land and Development Facility

Posted On: 04 Feb 2019

Knox Capital Solutions are pleased to announce the recent completion of a land refinance and development finance deal for a client, for a large 550 residential unit scheme with GDV of  £235 million.

Ideally, the client was looking for an organisation that would not only deliver on the land refinance, but could also provide a committed line for the development funding once the planning process had been approved. A loan period of 36 months was required, given the number of units and the sheer scale of the full development programme.

This was an interesting case, owing to the remote location of the site and the complexity of the land ownership titles. Additionally, the fact that the site had no detailed planning consent added to the intricacy of the mandate. The funding requirement which in total was £25 million added to the list of challenges to overcome, given that this amount significantly exceeds the loan levels offered by a number of well-known development lenders. As a result of these factors, we turned to our specialist high value development funding panel in order to secure the relevant funding for this particular client.

Following a thorough review process and a number of presentations to interested lenders, we were able to secure a funding solution that not only delivered on the land refinance requirements, but also offered a committed development funding line once planning approval was complete.


  • Full land refinance and committed development loan facility secured
  • Large refinance drawn before planning approval secured
  • Funding quantum secured in line with the clients requirements


  • Large debt quantum
  • Remote location
  • Lack of planning
  • Long development period of 36 months

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