Economic Recovery – Post Covid Impact Event

Posted On: 20 Oct 2020

As we start to turn our attention towards 2021 and beyond – the financial and economic impact of covid-19 continues to create uncertainty and worry for many.  Surviving the predicted global recession will be determined by a number of key factors such as the ability to access finance along with the success of vital industry sectors and businesses in the coming months.

In addition to the financial impact of the global pandemic, we must also consider the “B” word – Brexit, along with the upcoming US elections, in creating a climate of economic uncertainty. How individual businesses, key industry sectors and even countries will handle the economic recovery challenges that lie ahead remains to be seen.

Throughout the pandemic our team have closely monitored the lending markets. We have continued to work collaboratively with our network of panel lenders and professional contacts in order continue to do business despite lockdown restrictions. However, as the global situation worsens, many of you may be left wondering about which way to turn.

Global Recovery – what, how and when?

In terms of the debt market – who is currently lending and which businesses and industries are best placed for recovery?

In collaboration with our colleagues at Astute 360, and in partnership with Tilney Investment Management, we are pleased to be participating in a live virtual event on Thursday 22nd October at 11:30hrs (UK/London time) which will discuss the impact of Covid-19 on the economy.  The one-hour-event will feature presentations from our own Ed Ogden (Managing Director), along with guest presenter, Gareth Lewis from Tilney.  Ed will be sharing an update on the ever-changing debt market, whilst Gareth will be offering his expertise and insights into the global markets, including predictions for 2021 and beyond. Plus time will be included for a Q&A session, making this an insightful and engaging event.

To register for the event simply “click here” – definitely one not to miss in this current climate!

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