Deal News: Large Investment Asset Purchase

Posted On: 24 Sep 2019

Knox Capital Solutions (KCS) are pleased to announce the completion of a recent finance deal which saw them assist an offshore client with the purchase of a large commercial investment property.

The client was looking to secure £17m of funding for an investment property with 7 years remaining on a relatively short dated lease.  Furthermore, the client who is based offshore and would be placing the asset within an offshore structure, did not wish to pledge a personal guarantee.

KCS Managing Director, Ed Ogden, who has over 30 years of experience within the Corporate Finance and Banking arena, commented on the deal, saying; “We typically find that clients approach us with complex lending requirements, and this deal was no exception.  But we recognise that every case is different, which is why at the outset we spend time with the client to fully understand their goals and aspirations for the finance.”

He continued; “in this instance, we reviewed our panel of lenders in line with the client’s specific needs and were then able to narrow the list down to a select few who were able to meet the client mandate.”

KCS were able to arrange a facility which was secured for an investment property loan of £17m in order for the client to acquire the asset over a 5 year term period with a significantly low interest margin.  The client was naturally delighted with the final terms secured for what was a major commercial property acquisition.

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