Knox Capital Solutions has a number of funding partners in the specialist bridging finance sector. Funds can be used for both personal and commercial use secured against residential and commercial property assets. Funds can be used for a variety of purposes, from securing a new residential property to residential downsizing or securing a new business contract where short-term working capital is required.

Often the interest costs of the bridging finance can be added to the loan to reduce the ongoing servicing costs whilst the bridging finance is in place. This helps clients who are asset rich but with limited spare income to cover the interest cost of the facility.

Funds can be borrowed from small amounts to large amounts and normally for a period of no more than 12 months, although longer term funding can be obtained.

There are generally no restrictions on what the borrowed funds can be used for but an understanding of the ultimate repayment source needs to be communicated to the borrower.

Facilities of this nature are interest-only with a bullet repayment once the client is in a position to repay the loan.

Bridging finance can be arranged in the UK, the Isle of Man and a number of other offshore and international jurisdictions.

Depending on the property asset class (residential/commercial), Knox Capital Solutions has a number of specialist bridging finance providers that it works with.

Bespoke finance on assets other than property (art, investment grade/high end vehicles, jewellery, precious metals) can also be arranged on a short or longer term basis.


We are extremely proud of our portfolio of work which demonstrates skills in a large array of disciplines, across a broad range of services. Each final product has been tailored to suit the needs of each client.

To view examples of our work, view our Bridging Finance case studies.