One-Stop Service for Far Eastern Investors

Posted On: 14 Nov 2018

At Knox Capital Solutions, we are perfectly placed to provide clients with access to our wide range of industry connections for anyone considering entering the UK marketplace. What makes us unique is our ability to connect you to the best deals available from a wide range of lenders, and to further assist you in organising your alternative investment portfolio.

We appreciate that every case is different, which is why our services are created to match our clients’ specific and individual requirements.  With a wealth of industry knowledge, we understand how to build deals that work best for the client.

We are committed to keeping you updated and delivering accurate information efficiently, and we can assist with helping you to understand the differences between financing in the Far East and in the UK.

At Knox Capital Solutions, our services extend beyond just finance sourcing.  We also proudly offer an all-encompassing client service that covers the full breadth of any property transaction, including; sourcing your property, sourcing finance, legal services and finding a reputable property agent.  We can even help you to sell your property.

Below are just some examples of how we have helped clients:

  • An overseas investor wants to arrange buy-to-let mortgages, however they have no landlord experience
  • UK nationals who live and work abroad
  • Urgent finance due to the client’s lender turning down the mortgage in the last moment
  • Financing or refinance for offshore companies
  • Acquiring shares in a UK company under which the property is held
  • Buying properties in UK using a limited company, when the shareholder is a foreign/offshore registered company

Should you wish to learn more about entering the UK marketplace, please contact us today to find out more about how we can assist you.

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